Lucas Olmos

2DG has been able to merge its methodology into our process and what is more important, into our Company Culture, keeping at the same time all the essence.

By learning through the experience, we have enrich our process with Marketing tools so we can focus in what is important first.

Now JCM is ready to Accelerate, from the idea to the market!

Ignasi Salvador

2 Digits Growth team are committed to understand your challenges and provide real value on what they deliver.

Their obsession about this, is remarkable and ensures constant feedback which finally results in better outcomes.

Jordi Beringues

It is being a pleasure to work with all 2 Digits Growth team. They are helping JCM to implement an “acceleration training program” in our company.

It has been very motivating for all JCM people, aligning us to avoid projects dispersion and to focus on the projects it is worth to work on. It is being also very valuable the process we are doing of changing our culture to think more on what the customer needs instead of what the customer asks, or what we believe he needs.

Jorge Sneig

2 Digits Growth team is inevitably great: straight to the point, creative thinkers, dedicated, methodological, inspiring, easy going, and last but not least, real problem-solvers. Want to develop your business through innovation?

Hire them. Period. It’s always amazing to work with them!

Cristina Sanz

Compartir el asesoramiento estratégico de la empresa con 2DG fue todo un reto. Su gran experiencia y conocimiento nos permitió analizar y mejorar nuestra propuesta de valor y así poder validar con criterio y orden la implementación del plan. Utilizamos varias herramientas de planificación estratégica, como mapas de empatía, la curva de valor, sus atributos, el business canvas y todo el despliegue de la estrategia asociada. Un privilegio haber trabajado codo con codo con un professional que ha visto y validado cientos de proyectos.

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