DNA 2 Digits Growth

We are a team of professionals with great experience in business growth that develops a new concept of support for organizations with innovative leaders, fully aligned with the needs of the new era we face.

The mission of 2 Digits Growth is to help companies accelerate their innovation and growth, by identifying and managing new business opportunities.

Our professional trajectory has taught us that opportunities are not sought or found. They develop.

We are an expert community of more than 30 professionals in multiple areas and sectors where we offer with guarantees, the detection of business opportunities, the acceleration of projects in a sustained manner, optimizing investments, either through internal talent or through strategic collaboration. with Start Ups.

We accelerate the projects of our clients in a totally personalized way but with our own methodology, which is widely contrasted.


Our objective: to contribute 100% of the value with 0% of captivity.

Our team

Experts in acceleration and growth

Mentors and +15 prestigious entities, experts in stable business models

Business experiences

Top management positions


Company sales

Company closings

Experiences as consultants or tutors

Growing experts

Ton Guardiet

General Manager

Xavier Olivares

Growth Accelerator

Maria José de la Maza

Growth Accelerator

Pep Flores

Growth Accelerator

Francisco Sánchez

Brand & Partnership Coordinator

Edouard Dhenain

Paris Accelerator

Esteban Sitges

Growth Accelerator

Oliver Martin Culebras

Growth Support

Joan Miquel Piqué

Growth Accelerator

Josep Moulines

Executive Coach

Pep Palà

Growth Grants

Juna Albert

Growth Accelerator

Jordi Garriga

Growth Accelerator

Eduard Puig

Growth Accelerator

Ricardo Oliveros


Expert support mentors

Ernest Lara

Growth Mentor

Sergio Jiménez

Growth Mentor

Mercè Feu

Growth Mentor

Alex Gonzalez

Growth Mentor

Albert Mas

Growth Mentor

Andreu Bellés

Growth Mentor

Lluis Godayol

Growth Mentor

Djamila Olivier

Growth Mentor

Marc Gispert

Growth Mentor

Toni Felguera

Growth Mentor

Jordi Martí

Growth Mentor

Joan Marti

Growth Mentor

Jordi Guasch

Growth Mentor


Marta Esteban

Growth Mentor

Veronica Platas

Growth Mentor

Josep Mª Blanco

Growth Mentor

Antoni Mallol

Growth Mentor

Josep Lladós

Growth Mentor

Oriol Rius

Growth Mentor

Ramón Gonzalez

Growth Mentor

Enric Serradell López

Growth Mentor

Carles Soler

Growth Mentor

Marc Monllau

Growth Mentor

Pep Orellana

Growth Mentor

Carles Sans

Growth Mentor

David Lopez

Growth Mentor

José Manuel Caballero

Growth Mentor

Marc Dufraisse

Growth Mentor

Jordi Àrias

Growth Mentor

Josep M. Miró

Growth Mentor

Francesc Garcia

Growth Mentor

Marisol Ortega

Growth Mentor

Raúl Alcaide

Growth Mentor

Fran Sánchez

Growth Mentor

Jorge Blasco

Growth Mentor

Inverter arm 2 Digits Growth

Corporate venturing financial HUB

Structured products cases

Financial management cases

External financial directions

Financial viability plans

Annual accounting closures

M€ financing for PYMES

M€ of managed resources

M€ of managed portfolios

Lluís Sust

Financial structuring

Pol Font

Financial structuring

Pere Pujades

Financial auditor

Maria José Morán

Financial auditor

Expertos 2 Digits Growth

Business accelerators

Argelia Garcia

External financial management

Christophe Schwoertzig

International funds

Innovar Con Start-Up

Subsidized acceleration program

Our DNA:

Our passion:

  • We identify and develop new business opportunities by converting ideas into value.

  • We accelerate new business projects minimizing risks: Projects evaluated, selected, designed, executed and accelerated.

  • We promote and accompany the intra-entrepreneurial or collaboration with Start-up.

  • We make investments of companies by supplementing them with external funds.

  • The talent of the people as a factor of competitive advantage for which it is convenient to bet.

  • Creativity as a lever for growth and long-term competitiveness.

  • Excellence in business acceleration and efficient management of avaiable resources.

  • Rigor and risk management as prudential measures.

Collaboration profiles

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